“You have a light shining out of you… John… You have. It’s a gift, and it’s a sin not to use your gift, and you use it beautifully.”

“The excellent John O’Dea. We’re so proud of him, this bloke.”
– Peter Goers ABC Radio 14/09/2004

John O’Dea – Singer, Songwriter, Independent Artist

John O'DeaJohn O’Dea used to runs a 400 ha farm south of Orroroo which borders the Flinders Ranges in the upper north of South Australia. Orroroo is a town of approx. 600 people and community of around 1000 people. Orroroo is surrounded by several small towns/communities, Carrieton, Morchard, Black Rock and John’s home town of Pekina.

The strong sense of community that exists in this area is where much of the spirit of John’s music has evolved.

With the release of his self penned album “IF STONES COULD TALK”, John now spends much of his time involved in his passion/addiction for music traveling around sharing his songs, songs of people who have influenced him and stories of the people and places he has come to know and love during his life.

John has played in and been front man in many cover bands and travelled much of the mid and upper north of S.A. since the mid seventies and still plays many of the songs he has learnt along the way. He feels many of these songs have influenced his music in some way, over the years, and also shows, versatility and character in his voice and playing.

John now plays solo (to quote him “just the guitar and me” ) and up until recently spent much of his time in the upper north and outback of S.A. at tourist venues sharing his music. Now he’s working at playing those gigs but also getting to more festivals and venues where he can share his new songs and where people can get to know him and his music.

Through the release of his album John is quickly gaining recognition as a very talented singer / songwriter.

With his Australian style John has been described as a storyteller with a unique raw voice who paints pictures with words about people places and situations in everyday life.

In June this year John won the Songwriting Award and the Frank Harding Award of Excellence at the S.A. Country Music Festival in Barmera.

John is excited at the release of his first single “Hanging out with the Moon” from the album “If Stones Could Talk” at the end of August, through NFS Publicity, and is hoping this will get his music to a much wider audience.

With his album “If Stones Could Talk” getting good reviews and very positive feedback on the live versions of his new songs, John is really excited about the times ahead.

Album review, August 2005 Capitol News (by Deb Minter)
Article, ‘Building on Stone’¬†Sept 2005 Capitol News
(also by Deb Minter)

John O’Dea was born in Peterborough, South Australia, and lived for about a week at nearby Yongala. He then moved with his family (not being very mobile yet) to a farm near Pekina.

John has been playing music since he was fourteen. He has a great love for his family, the land, his friends and the country lifestyle, not to mention music itself. This album is a combination of all of those things.

We all hope that you enjoy John’s album “If Stone’s Could Talk” as much as he has enjoyed putting it together. It contains a lot of heart and soul, and a hell of a lot that many Australians can relate to.

So as John would say, Happy Days!

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